VoltMaster 12/24 volt Battery Equalizers

VoltMaster 12/24 volt Battery Equalizers
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Product Description

VoltMaster Battery Equalizers

With the Vanner VoltMaster battery equalizer, you can run 12 volt loads from your 24 volt battery system. Perfect for transit buses, private coaches, tour & charter buses, heavy trucks, off-highway equipment and alternative energy applications!

12 Volt DC Power from Your 24 Volt DC System

With Vanner VoltMaster battery equalizers, you can have an abundance of 12 volt DC power from your 24 volt battery system. Vanner's equalizers allow operation of more reliable and less costly 12 volt lighting and equipment on 24 volt electrical systems, saving you time and money.

Extend the Life of Your Batteries

With Vanner VoltMaster battery equalizers, the voltage between each 12 volt battery is balanced in a 24 volt series connected battery array. This arrangement equalizes the 24 volt battery system and avoids the over/under charge problems associated with other approaches to providing 12 volts of power.

A Simple, More Reliable 24/12 Volt System

With Vanner VoltMaster battery equalizers, you can avoid the reliabity problems associated with complicated and space consuming dual alternators on vehicles, or multiple battery chargers on renewable energy systems.

VoltMaster Equalizer Operation

In many 24 volt electrical systems, it is desirable to tap into the battery system to obtain power for 12 volt loads. This method, while seemingly simple, causes a charge imbalance resulting in Battery "B" being overcharged, and possibly boiling, while Battery "A" discharges.

To solve this application problem, the Vanner VoltMaster battery equalizer is connected to the battery system at the +24, +12 and ground points. The battery equalizer maintains the voltage balance and charge acceptance rate of each battery to within 0.1 volts under light loads and within 0.5 volts at full loads. When the voltage of Battery "A" is higher than that of Battery "B", the battery equalizer is in standby mode - meaning it is not transferring power from its 24 volt input to its 12 volt output. When a 12 volt load is present, and Battery "A's" voltage decreases to just below the voltage of Battery "B", the battery equalizer activates and transfers sufficient current from Battery "B" to Battery "A", satisfying the load and maintaining an equal voltage and charge in both batteries.

Specifications:Input Voltage 18 to 32 Vdc

Efficiency >97%

Max Input Current (24 Vdc) 32 Amps

Output Voltage ([Input Voltage/2] +/- 2%)

Output Current (12 Vdc) 0-60 Amps

Operating Temperature -40C to +75C

Standby Mode Current @ 28.4V 17 milliamps nominal

Storage Temperature -54C to +95C

User Serviceable No

Environmental Considerations Anodized aluminum enclosure provides protection against salt, fungus, dust, water, fuel vapors and all fluids associated with commerical and off-highway vehicle operations. Exposure to splashes and spills is expected, but continuous exposure should be avoided.

Mounting Location Mounting location should be a flat surface close to the batteries to allow short battery cable runs. The location should be protected from as many adverse environmental conditions as possible, including battery fumes. Vertical mounting with terminals down is recommended.

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